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The Problem

Fatigue in the workplace can have significant implications on the health, safety, and productivity of employees. In certain industries, including the military, oil & gas, and mining, where the schedules are demanding and the jobs physically exhausting, employees may be at higher risk of being involved in a workplace accident. Without the ability to predict employee fatigue and optimize performance, this is an ongoing concern.

The Solution

Utilizing their proprietary biomathematical model, Fatigue Science uses the data collected by their own and 3rd party sleep capture devices to predict human fatigue and to optimize human performance. Their technology has been validated by several government bodies as the gold standard in actionable sleep analysis and has been used for years by leaders in professional sports, as well as the US Special Forces and AirForce.

Given the inherent risks associated with employees operating with impaired cognition, often unknowingly, as a result of poor sleep patterns. Fatigue Science gives employers the forward looking, actionable data for use in planning schedules and task assignments, while mitigating fatigue related risks resulting in the optimal performance and increased safety of employees.

The Team

This is a company we have been watching closely, with Dan Eisenhardt (Partner @ Rhino) has been a Board Member at Fatigue Science since 2015, and he was actively  involved in the hiring of Andrew Morden as Fatigue Science’s new CEO in 2018.

We were searching for the unique combination of a repeat startup CEO, experience in both hardware and software, as well as experience selling to industrial customers with long and complex sales cycles. With Andrew, we got all this with the additional benefit of a proven CFO who understands how to build a budget and stay fiscally responsible while delivering results.
Dan Eisenhardt, Fatigue Science Board Member & Rhino Ventures Partner

With Andrew at the helm since 2018, an experienced management team has been built out and are focused on operational excellence.

Rhino's Perspective

After watching Fatigue Science over the last 5 years and digging into the real problem of fatigue in the workplace, it has become very clear to our team just how big the issue of fatigue is.  Clearly, for the safety of staff, there is enormous benefit for a system to monitor and predict cognition and response time.  But there is also a bottom-line story to be told - fatigue related accidents and incidents are very costly to companies, particularly in heavy industries.  They take production offline, damage mission critical equipment, and reduce both throughput and precision.

We believe that there is a real problem here and that Fatigue Science has the solution. They have a great customer base who want to expand deployments and a ready pipeline of new customers eager to save lives, injuries, and dollars. We look forward to seeing Fatigue Science becoming the standard across all industries.

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