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The importance of who you select as your funding partners is one of many critical decisions a founder will make. We know it is entrepreneurial ambition that drives value, not venture capitalists, which is why we appreciate the importance of funder and founder alignment. Our investment is a partnership; we work alongside you to extend your team’s capacity by adding tangible value where we can. Sometimes that’s getting in the trenches and other times it’s having the humility to step back.

what we do


Seed through A

cheque size

$1M - $3M


Western Canada




Preferred, but
not mandatory


We lead the majority
of our rounds

how we invest

We don’t waste founders time. We believe being founder friendly means acting with conviction. In or out, we’ll tell you. We run a strict four week investment process with stage gates at the end of each week.

revenue generating

Near term or in revenue businesses that have low burn rates and are focused on building a solid cash-flow business


We look for companies that have a durable competitive advantage - we shy away from the proverbial “land grab” as the only source of differentiation

founder first

We look for “storm chasers” who can solve hard problems with the least amount of work

Businesses we understand

We invest in companies where we can add tangible value; identifying logical partners, talent acquisition, scaling/growth pain points

support as you scale

From recruiting to vendor recommendations to scheduling meetings on a moment's notice, the network effects of having a local investor on your side is an intangible advantage.

I’m gearing up to raise my next round. Who should be on my list and how should I think about what to look for in a partner?

Who can I talk to about the benefits and challenges of building a world class business in Western Canada?

I’m struggling to attract and retain top talent, can you connect me with someone who has built a repeatable hiring process?

Where can I get advice on how to implement a new pricing strategy?

We are planning on opening an office in the U.S. What are the top things to consider?

Community Initiatives

  • Executive Meetups

  • Partnership Center

  • Talent Pool

  • CEO Offsites

  • Resource Database

  • Annual Founders Event

  • Community-Wide Communications Platform

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